5 reasons why women leave their husbands

According to statistics, women file for most of the divorce. Common causes why men leave marriage are due to lack of intimacy or meet truckers woman. But women file a divorce for different reasons. Here are some of the reasons why women leave their husbands.

No emotional connection

First, women need to feel emotionally connected to their husband. Then the feeling for sex grows. But in the case of men, everything starts from intimacy. Women look for companionship outside their marriages because of lack of emotional connection. A successful husband knows the likings and dislikings of his wife.

Finance related differences

There is a difference in the way husband and wife manage the finance. Wife wants to save more money and wants to stay away from debt. They want to make risk-free investments. Husbands, on the other hand, want to take risks with his money. They also tend to spend more freely.

When husband is not engaged with family

If the husband works long hours and doesn’t give time to family, then wife starts to question whether the husband is responsible enough or not. When there are children at home, the situation gets worse.

Not able to resolve conflict

Disagreements happen in marriages, but not all the time. Whenever two people disagree on something, they should discuss that problem and resolve it. If the husband is reluctant about talking it over, then it affects marriage.

Controlling behavior

In a marriage also, the husband must give importance to the wife’s freedom. You should not forget that you are two separate people with different interests trying to find common ground. So, you should not control one another.

If you can keep your spouse happy, then you will have a happy life. Wives are more compromising than husbands in most of the cases. But these are some things that wives don’t compromise on.


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