5 things about men that attracts women

There are some things in men that attract most women. According to science, the following traits in men usually attract women. There are some exceptions, of course.


Research conducted at Rice University and the University of Northern Texas found that most people prefer cowboy dating a taller man than themselves. Tall men are regarded as attractive in most cultures as well.

Deep voice

Women are attracted to deep and husky voice. Deeper voice is a reflection of strong physique to most women. So, a guy who has a deep voice has a better chance of attracting women.

An athletic body

Women prefer a ‘V-shaped’ athletic body on a man. These are men who have a well-defined upper body and a narrow waist. They also like men putting on clothes that fit their body perfectly showing off their muscles.

Sense of humor

Women like guys who have a good sense of humor. If a guy has a good sense of humor, then it indicates that the guy is both intellectual and socially intelligent. An intelligent man will protect a woman more. So, women feel more secure with a man with good sense of humor.

Social value

Women love men who are socially active. They like to see men who hang around with other men and women, who go to parties and other social gatherings.

All these traits in men have been confirmed to attract women. These findings are based on research results. So, men should be aware of these traits if they want to attract women.

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